Comprehensive General Liability

Liability Insurance

Secure yourself and your business from unexpected risks with value-laden Liability Insurance

Doing business opens you to all type of risks. But with the right liability insurance, both you and your business are protected from uncertainty and possible financial loss. BPI/MS Comprehensive General Liability Insurance can provide you the extensive protection you need to safeguard your business against unpredicted events and risks.

BPI/MS Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

Provides monetary compensation to answer for legal accountabilities, arising out of accidents to third parties that might hold you responsible. BPI/MS can provide coverage for your possible liabilities from:

a. Bodily injury of customers
b. Damage to other people’s properties
c. Defense and litigation expenses

Basic Coverage

Premises Operations coverage will answer for liabilities incurred in connection with the ownership, maintenance and use of your business premises. For instance, a customer injured by slipping on wet floor may hold the shop owner liable. CGL-Premises Operations Insurance can cover expenses in handling such cases.

Optional/Specific Coverages

For your specific needs, you may choose to extend your basic CGL policy with the optional coverages available such as:

a. Food and Drink Liability
Provides liability cover specifically for food business establishments.

b. Premises Medical Payment
Covers medical expenses due to accidents, regardless of who is at fault, as long as due to the usual business operation of the insured or arising out of a condition in the insured’s premises.

c. Tenant’s Legal Liability
Liability of tenants that may result if leased office space/building catches fire or explodes.

d. Innkeeper’s Liability
Coverage of hotel owners for properties of guests deposited for their safekeeping.

e. Contractual / Independent Contractor’s Liability
For liabilities arising from operations performed by you and/or another contractor for another person.