Board Governance



The Board of Directors and Management, employees and shareholders of BPI MS Insurance Corporation (BPI MS) believe that sound and effective corporate governance is the cornerstone of the Company’s strength and long-term sustainability.  It subscribes to a philosophy of adhering to honesty, integrity, and professionalism in the conduct of its business, exercising prudence in arriving at decisions, enforcing internal discipline and a system of internal control in its operating processes, and providing transparency to its various stakeholders regarding basic management policies and practices, major business strategies and decisions, and its operating results.


We work closely with all our regulators, the Insurance Commission (IC), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) and the National Privacy Commission (NPC), to ensure adherence and consistency to its laws and regulations.


The Board of Directors and Management are hereby in full compliance to the principles and practices contained in the Insurance Commission’s (IC) Corporate Governance Principles and Leading Practices (IC Circular Letter No. 31-2005 and all supplementary circulars issued by IC), the Revised Code of Corporate Governance for Insurance Commission Regulated Companies (IC Circular Letter No. 71-2020) and BPI MS Corporate Governance Manual and acknowledge that the same will guide them in pursuing their corporate goals.  They shall also undertake every effort necessary to create the necessary awareness of these principles and practices within the organization in order to ensure proper internalization by every member of the organization.  Our Board is committed to establishing and maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance.


The Manual of Corporate Governance V9 supplements and compliments the BPI MS Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws by setting forth principles of good and transparent governance.