BPI MS Sustainability


The country’s location makes it vulnerable to natural calamities such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, flooding and landslides. With climate change, the country has become greatly affected by extreme weather conditions.

In addition to environmental issues, social issues also pose risks to businesses and the society. Despite high economic growth and urbanization, many Filipinos are still financially underserved.

BPI MS intends to contribute to the sustainable development of our country and to be mindful of the impact of its business operations on its stakeholders. BPI MS is committed to responding to the call for sustainable practices that will benefit all stakeholders. Currently, BPI MS is focused on these areas:

· Climate Change Mitigation

· Financial Inclusion

· Financial Education

· Employee Well-Being



BPI MS strives to make a significant contribution in conserving natural resources and in reducing its carbon footprint as its business deals with risk management. It has implemented digital platforms and tools to streamline its processes and to promote paperless transactions. The online sales platform, web app and B2C travel platform enable its customers and intermediaries to immediately generate quotations and insurance policies anytime and anywhere. Aside from the digital sales portals, the motor claims video chat tool allows contactless inspection of damaged vehicles through mobile phones and tablets. BPI MS will continue to utilize new technologies to simplify key processes and ultimately lessen its business operations’ carbon footprint.

To further strengthen its commitment to climate change mitigation, BPI MS will no longer insure new and established coal-fired power plants.

Climate Change Mitigation Metrics

Metrics 2020 2021
Number of paperless transactions through digital platforms



Number of inspections done through the motor claims video chat tool



Number of e-procurement transactions





BPI MS supports the government’s drive on financial inclusion by helping the underserved and lower-income customer segments gain access to affordable insurance products. BPI MS has been working for many years with BPI BanKO, BPI’s microfinance arm, in providing microinsurance products to its customers. Additionally, it offers various affordable personal accident and casualty insurance products for as low as Php 365.00 per year.

Financial Inclusion Metrics

Metrics 2020 2021
Number of BPI MS microinsurance policies with  BPI BanKO



Number of 365 PA policies


Number of Accident Secure Max policies


Number of Hospital Income Protect policies


Number of Family Personal Accident 999 policies

9,050 10,592

Number of policies for gadgets and appliances for Home Credit’s customers





With a better understanding of the importance of non-life insurance, BPI MS’ customers can make better decisions on asset protection. For this reason, BPI MS provides its customers and intermediaries seminars on the benefits of protecting their properties such as their houses, cars and businesses.

Financial Education Metrics

Metrics 2020 2021

Number of briefings conducted

50 42




BPI MS endeavors to promote a work environment wherein work-life balance is encouraged, and the well-being of its employees is prioritized. Helping employees achieve optimal health results in having a workforce that is highly engaged and with high productivity.

The pandemic made the company realize the importance of a healthy mind and body, so BPI MS has implemented health and wellness programs for its employees. Webinars on physical and mental health awareness as well as stress and anxiety management were conducted by advocates of emotional and mental well-being.

The training and development of BPI MS employees is crucial in growing its business. Thus, all employees are required to complete at least three (3) days of technical training based on the competencies required to achieve excellent performance in a highly competitive business environment.

Employee Well-Being Metrics

Metrics 2020 2021
Percentage of employees who complied with the required training days

Five (5) training days

92% 96%

Three (3) technical training days

87% 66%
Number of health and wellness webinars 8 10


BPI MS has taken action in integrating sustainability into its business operations. It is committed to improving the quality of life of its stakeholders and of future generations.