Home Care Advantage

Home Care Advantage Insurance

Take care of your home and family with a complete BPI/MS Home Care Advantage Insurance

Unfortunate events can strike anytime and leave you shattered. Secure the foundation of your home and family with BPI/MS’ Home Care Advantage (HCA) Insurance. BPI/MS HCA is a comprehensive insurance package designed to protect your family belongings and household. It is like a security blanket that will shelter you from possible financial woes and home damages.

What can be covered under HCA?

• Building or the structure of your private residence.
• Household contents or the items of furniture, furnishings, electrical appliances, and other personal belongings (excluding cash & jewelry)
• Leasehold Improvements and contents of a rented house/unit: walls or dividers, flooring, carpets, enhance lighting may also include plumbing (for a coffee area/kitchen).

HCA Coverage:

Fire and/ or lightning




Riots, Strike and Malicious Damage

Extended Coverage:

Falling aircraft

Vehicle Impact





Bush Fire

Broad Water Damage

How much coverage is needed?

The amount of coverage that you need depends on what it would cost to replace your home in the event of a total loss. While you may be able to get by with only 80% coverage, you will have to take the other 20% out of your pocket in the event of a total loss. The incremental cost to insure a property to full “replacement cost value” is so low it would be foolhardly not to fully insure  your property  at full value.

What are the benefits of HCA?

a. Robbery and Burglary Insurance

Protects the contents of your home and other personal belongings against theft upon felonious entry to the insured premises by violent or forcible means up to a maximum limit of Php 150,000 (subject to submission of list of items).

b. Family Personal Accident Insurance

Provides compensation to cover Death and/or Permanent Disablement up to Php 200,000 from accidental means as well as Burial Expense up to Php 10,000 per person.

Can I extend the PA coverage to my household employees? The principal insured is covered up to 100% and extends to the Spouse or Parent (if insured is single, must be below 60 years old) up to 50%, 10% for the Unmarried Dependents (children below 23 years old) and 10% for the Household Employee (maximum of 3).

c. Comprehensive Personal Liability Insurance

Provides compensation to cover Bodily Injury and Property Damage caused to third parties up to Php 150,000 coverage which includes medical and hospitalization bills, expenses for repair or replacement of any item belonging to third party that are damaged or destroyed including legal fees to defend you in the event of lawsuit.


Rental Income or Rental Value

Provides compensation to the insured if his or her property has been damaged by an insured peril in the policy equivalent to a rental expense or rental income up to 10% of Sum Insured of the Building or a maximum of Php 30,000 per month for a limited period of 6 months.

Removal of Debris

Provides compensation for the effort of cleaning up the damaged or affected property amounting to 10% of Total Sum Insured (TSI) or Php 100,000, whichever is lower.

Fire Fighting Expense

Takes care of the actual expense used in the fire extinguishing amounting up to Php 50,000.

Professional Fees

Pays for the actual professional fees of architects, surveyors and consulting engineers in the preparation of a claim amounting to Php 100,000 or 5% of TSI, whichever is lower.

Temporary Removal (including transit)

Provides compensation to cover losses incurred by an insured peril in the policy, for property or items temporarily removed for repair, cleaning, renovation, or other similar purposes, as well as return of items to the original location, up to 10% of the TSI or Php 30,000, whichever is lower.

       Coverage and inclusions are subject to the terms and conditions of the actual Home Care Advantage (HCA) insurance policy.